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Advent Wreaths

I usually wait till the first day of advent to put up my Christmas tree, and with my tree comes my advent wreath. But this year, with a busy weekend of wreath workshops on the horizon I decided to get organised a few days early this year.

Floral Advent Wreaths

There are lots of advent rings you can buy with holders for candles, but personally I like to use festive foliage - pine, spruce, or cedar for that delightful wintry scent and a touch of rustic Christmas charm with berries, orange segments and pinecones. But there is nothing to say you cant add a modern twist with eucalyptus, bunny tails or wax flower. Much like you Christmas door wreath an advent wreath is a canvas waiting to showcase your personal style.

A little history lesson on advent and advent wreaths

When is advent?

Advent typically begins on the fourth Sunday before Christmas Day, which means it can start anywhere between November 27 and December 3. The specific date may vary each year, as it is tied to the liturgical calendar, which follows a different schedule than the regular calendar. This year advent begins on December 3rd.

What is an advent wreath?

Let's start with the heart of the Advent wreath—the candles. Traditionally, there are four candles. The first, second, and fourth candles are typically purple, symbolizing penance, preparation, and royalty. The third candle, often rose-colored, represents joy and is lit on the third Sunday of Advent. Often, there's the central white candle, known as the Christ Candle, representing purity and the arrival of the baby Jesus.

A Glimpse into History:

Now, let's travel back in time to uncover the rich history of the Advent wreath. This cherished tradition finds its roots in the 19th century when German Lutherans crafted these wreaths as a visual aid for the spiritual significance of Christmas. The circle, a symbol of eternity, represents God's unending love, while the evergreen foliage symbolizes the hope of eternal life in Christ.

Want to make your own?

Feeling inspired to create your very own Advent wreath? It's simpler than you think! Start with an Oasis base, add the candles, and let your creativity bloom.

How to make your advent wreath.

1. Soak and Oasis ring in water and wait for it to sink, this is how you know it’s ready to use. Put your Oasis on to a tray

2. Add your candles at quarter stages in your ring

3. Add your festive foliage, your fir, spruce, cypress and pine making sure that your foliage points in all directions (don’t forget to point it down so it covers your plastic tray!)

4. Now add your decoration, thistles, pine cones, berries and anything else you would like to include

5. On Sunday 3rd December light your first candle, and then light your the rest on each successive Sunday before Christmas.

Whether you choose a classic design or put a modern spin on it, let the Advent wreath connects you to the rich tapestry of Christmas traditions. 🌿🕯️✨

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