Pilea Peperomioidies

Photo by @nordic.jungle

Also known as; Chinese money plant, Missionary plant , Pass it on plant, Pancake plant, UFO Plant.

I fell in love with these after seeing a post on a lifestyle blog on instagram and I have been trying to get hold of them since - every now and then I would spot one at a wholesalers for an outrageous price and sadly walk away.

When I spotted them at our beloved Bristol flower market this week I had to snap a few up! (Mostly because I wanted one for myself.)

Pilea have a succulent stem out of which grow simple circular leaves. Sometimes they will have a slight texture to them - They look a little like UFO’s! The way in which the leaves grow from the plant almost give it a silhouette of a dome.

These guys are super easy to grow indoors - they can be planted outside in the summer but need minimum temperature of 15°C, to be kept out of direct sunlight and to be in a frost free environment so we recommend you find a nice pot and keep yours inside.

If your Pilea is happy in the spring months you may even get small pink/white flowers.

The thing I like the most about these plants is they keep on giving - adult Pileas start sprouting little baby pileas from their base! Its then very easy for them to be rooted and propagated to add to your growing house plant army or as a gift to a friend.




Width 10cm - 50cm

Height 10cm - 50cm


15 °C - 30 °C


In a bright spot but out of direct sunlight.

Drink Once a week from the top in the summer months, in the winter little less - you want the top of the soil is dry.


They love humidity - so give them a little spritz twice a week.


Once month with an all-purpose liquid fertilizer

Top Tip

Rotate your plant occasionally if it receives light from only one side so that it keeps a nice even shape.

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