Plastic Free July

July is plastic free month in Swindon - you can find out more about this at Swindon Climate Action

Over the last year I have been actively trying to reduce the amount of single use plastic I consume, starting with small steps like opting for squash in a glass bottle over plastic, or switching my plastic tooth brush to one made of bamboo.

I also try and keep Coffee And Flowers as plastic free as possible - our flowers are wrapped in paper with string, I even compost all left over and cut flowers stems and confetti the petals! The place we stumble is with the flower food we supply with our bouquets - this is given to you in a plastic packet

To help reduce single use plastic for July we are going to be giving all of our costumers the option of having their flower food supplied to them in small glass bottles instead of plastic packets.

All of our subscription costumers will be offered a larger bottle which will keep them going for a few months.

But this will cost you more right? No. One of my biggest gripes is when you have to pay more to buy produce not wrapped in plastic, I don’t want to punish you for choosing the more environmentally friendly option, so I’m going to cover all the costs for the glass bottles.

For those who want to do a little more this July to cut down the amount of plastic they use - here are a few steps I have taken over the last year.

Tooth Brushes

In our house we switched from plastic tooth brushes to bamboo ones - these are really accessible and can easily be found online, there are even companies providing a bamboo toothbrush subscription. I like to get mine locally and buy them from Pulse on Curtis Street

Toilet Roll

Even the recycled stuff at the supermarket will come wrapped in plastic. I recently changed to all of their toilet roll is recycled, comes wrapped in paper and they donate 50% of their profits to building toilets for people who need them.

The only down side is you have to order in bulk - this works for me as we have plenty of storage space, but with a minimum order of 24 that might be a lot of loo roll to stash away for someone living in a flat, you could join together with a friend and share a box! (I also like that I know I will never be stuck with no toilet roll in the house!)

Bee’s Wraps > Cling Film

These wraps are amazing! they are simply a cloth covered in beeswax, you place it over the item of food you would like to cover warm it slightly with your hands and it stick to itself / your bowl / that half a melon you have in the fridge.

Then you just rise with lukewarm water, air dry and you can use them again!

I brought mine on the 6 November 2017 and there still going strong.


I am incredibly lucky, my Dad supplies me with lovely veggies from his allotment and right now its prime produce season.

But i know not everyone has a green fingered Dad or the space to grow their own.

Farmers markets are a great option - we have one in Swindon every Sunday at the Designer outlet village.

When shopping in a supermarket then opt for the produce which is plastic free - although this might mean saying no to that pint of strawberries (but we can guarantee they will taste much better from a local farm anyway!)

Soap Nuts

These are amazing - they come from the Sapindus Mukorossi tree - the shell of the nut is coated in a substance called saponin which produces a natural soap. I use 4-6 shells in the wash, and reuse the same shells for 8 washes. They're natural, they're plastic free and they're a lot cheeper than using laundry detergent.

Let me know what your going to do this July to reduce your plastic usage!