Sansevieria tralasciata - Snake Plant

Snake Plant a plant with green blade like leaves covered with stripes - plant is on a white table
Snake Plant - Sansevieria tralasciata

Also known as Snake Plant or Mother in Law's Tounge

These are one of the easiest house plants to keep - you can pretty much neglect them and they will survive - that being said, do try your best to give lots of love all of your plants and try not to neglect them!

The Sansevieria tralasciata has long, tough, blade like dark green leaves which have either speckled light green bands across the blades or yellow markings along its edges.

They cope well in both light and shade and only require occasional watering. A light moderate water in the summer - leaving the top part of the soil to dry out, and a sparingly in the winter just enough to prevent the soil drying out completely.

If your lucky your Snake Plant might flower. This is unusual in the home, but keep it happy and you will be treated with tall stem of fluffy white/green flowers. (At the time of writing check out the one in Darkroom Espresso - which has sprouted a few beautiful blooms.)

Its also been proved by NASA that Snake plants are fantastic at creating clean air in the home - removing toxic agents such as formaldehyde, trichloroethylene and benzene so get one in your house now!

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Super Easy


Max Width 10cm - 50cm

Max Height 100cm - 150cm

Time to ultimate height 5-10 years


10 °C - 30 °C


Full sun or partial shade - these guys are easy when it comes to light.


Moderate in summer

Sparingly in the winter


Fertilize once a year in the spring

Top Tip

If the leaves get a little dusty - wipe them with a damp cloth.

Cats and Dogs

Is toxic to cats and dogs, so either keep out of reach of nibbling pets or avoid.