In this online workshop, we will teach you how to make a buttonhole and a corsage, and well... teach you the difference! As its lockdown, it's unlikely you will be able to wear your finished items out to a fancy party, but don't worry - we will cover how to store them correctly so they dry nicely. 


The course is perfect for beginners who have a basic knowledge of floristry or those who have never picked up a pair of secateurs before. 


Flowers will be delivered locally by us, or nationally via courier and will arrive on August 5th. All you have to do is put them in water overnight. 

On Friday, join us online at 7:30pm to take part in a live class where you can learn the skills to create your own bouquet. I'll be there to guide you through it, answer any questions, and give you tips.


If you can't join us at 7:30pm don't worry! I will post the video online and you can join at your pleasure, I'm always online on Instagram if you get stuck and want to message. 


What we supply

All the flowers you'll need

Flower food



What you need to supply

A jar to keep your flowers fresh in




If you don't have the above, check out our sundries store. 

Button hole and corsage - August 7


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